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Almost all buildings of the IPB (with the exception of those located in Mirandela) are concentrated in one campus, a former farm known as “Quinta de Santa Apolónia”, with 50ha of green open space near the town centre. The IPB buildings occupy an area of approximately 24,000m2: the ESA (School of Agriculture), ESE (School of Education), and ESTG (School of Technology and Management) buildings, the Student Support Services building, three residences for students and visitors, buildings for farming and breeding purposes, and an outdoor multi-sports area. The original buildings of the former farm were preserved, including the farmhouse, a chapel, and other facilities. One of these has been converted into a guest house for visiting professors.

The ESSA (School of Health Sciences) building is located in the surroundings of the IPB campus, between the Hospital of Bragança and the Health Care Centre.

Erasmus Departmental Coordinators:

Technology and Management School (Bragança)
Prof. Dr. Armando Leitão
Phone: (+351) 273303129
Fax: (+351) 273303051
E-mail: afleitao@ipb.pt

Communication, Management and Tourism School (Mirandela)
Prof. Elisabete Silva
Fax: (+351) 278265733
E-mail: esilva@ipb.pt

Education School
Prof. Francisco Mario Rocha
Phone: (+351) 273303000
Fax: (+351) 273313684
E-mail: mrocha@ipb.pt

Agronomy School
Prof. Maria José Arabolaza
Prof. Paula Baptista
Phone: (+351) 273303000
Fax: (+351) 273313684
E-mail: arabolaz@ipb.pt
E-mail: pbaptista@ipb.pt

Health School
Prof. Maria Augusta Pereira Mata
Phone (+351) 273331593
Fax: (+351) 273327915
E-mail: augustamata@ipb.pt


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