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Bragança is the capital of north-eastern region of Portugal, in Portuguese “Trás-os-Montes”. Although rather small (the population of the municipality is 34,774), Bragança is an attractive place which has a lot to offer. Located about 20 km from the Spanish border, Bragança has a beautiful mountainous landscape.

While visiting the town, you can’t miss the medieval castle, built on the highest point of the citadel. Other important monuments are the 12th-century Domus Municipalis (five-walled-building of Romanesque construction) and the Torre de Menagem (with Military Museum inside.)

Compared with the southern part of the country, the climate of Bragança is quite severe, so in winter you can expect low temperatures and sometimes even snows. On the other hand, during the summer the average temperature is about 28 °C and even spring can be a quite warm and dry season.


Erasmus em Bragança

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